Skydiving in Portugal

portugal travel skydivingWOW! Feel the excitement in this Portugal Traveler in a tandem skydiving trip over Portugal! !

The Culture of Lisbon’s Castle of Saint George

Today, at the highest hill around Portugal’s great city of Lisbon, the Saint George Castle (Castilo de Sao Jorge) firmly stands from its earliest known time of the 6th century offering panoramic views of Lisbon, the Tagus River and the Atlantic Ocean, along with legends, history and a unique culture.

The Banks of the Rio Douro in Porto Portugal

Should Portugal Travel be on your list, the banks of the Rio Douro in Porto should be experienced! These banks tell a story from the time Portugal was conceived and its story transitions into its wonderful culture of today.


The Metropolitans de Lisboe is an underground train system (metro) offering Lisbon traveler’s history, art and a fantastic way to get around.

The Old City of Porto

A walk through the old city of Porto is like a step back into the 12th century and a must to do for Portugal travel.