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Chaves, with its Incredible Roman Bridge

Chaves is situated in the extreme north of Portugal, just a stone’s throw from the Spanish border. Located in the mountains, it is on the upper reaches of the Tamega River which in a roundabout way contributed to the town’s fame. Chaves was founded by the Romans as a Frontier Spa Town and this eventually led to the building of the impressive Roman bridge which is still in use today. This massive twelve span bridge was a remarkable feat of engineering for the first century.

Coimbra: A Brush with Ancient History

Afonso Henriques chose Coimbra as his capital city in 1139, and although the honor was short-lived, the city has retained its fame as the home of Portugal’s oldest university. Located 200km north of Lisbon, it is rich in history, architecture and Roman remains. As the birthplace of six of Portugal’s kings it is a fabulous place to visit and explore.

Costa de Prata – Portugal’s Silver Coast

Portugal’s Costa de Prata, which translates as the Silver Coast, stretches from Lisbon northwards to the Figueira da Foz and gets its name from the year-round sunshine glinting like silver on the waves of the Atlantic Ocean. Those wanting to experience Portugal’s pretty villages and authentic lifestyle within easy reach of the superb beaches will find the Costa de Prata fits the bill perfectly. It is an area of stunning natural scenery and although it has some of the best beaches in Portugal, many places are generally quiet and uncrowded.

Evora: Six Centuries of History

Rising dramatically from the Alentejo Plain, the city of Evora lies approximately 130km inland, due east of Lisbon. The surrounding area is one of vast rolling plains of olive trees, cork oaks fields of wheat and whitewashed cottages.