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Portugal Geography – Mainland & Islands

Traveling Portugal is a very rewarding experience especially if you know the geography of the mainland and islands! Spain is situated to the North and East of Portugal and then Morocco is to Portugal’s South, across the Calm waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Portugal’s mainland geography has 5 regions that include Norte, Centro, Lisboe, Alentejo and the Algarve. And then, its main Islands consist of the Madeira Islands to the South and the Azore Islands to the West.

Nazaré: Portugal’s Most Picturesque Fishing Village

Nazaré is blessed with a beautiful sandy beach, a deep-seated culture and a picturesque old town. It seems to have been created for those seeking a quiet vacation in a delightfully authentic fishing town in Portugal. Nazaré is named after a statue of the Virgin Mary which was brought from Nazareth by a monk in the 4th century.