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The Metropolitans de Lisboe is an underground train system (metro) offering Lisbon traveler’s history, art and a fantastic way to get around.

The history of the Lisbon metro goes back to the late 1940’s, where its planning began, and in the 1950’s, where its first operations started. During its first year, the metro had transported more than 15 million people. Today, the metro has over 40 stations with plans to exceed 50 stations having about 40 km of railway – that’s a lot of getting around!

As part of its great development, the Lisbon Metro has been designed to make its public space very enjoyable with its blends of art works. Each station of the metro has different art concepts with variations of tile works, sculptures, and paint works that create a very fun and inviting metro travel experience.

In Lisbon, the metro is a great way to travel throughout the main points of the city and outer boundaries, and it’s very cost effective. To begin, many of the metro stations are set up for a variety of mobility needs such as escalators and lifts, so travelling the metro can be enjoyed by many types of travelers with different needs. Operating hours are from 06:30 to 01:00 at the main stations and 06:30 to 21:30 at the secondary stations – check ahead for different hours on national holidays. Payment for use of the metro can be done by getting a metro ticket or a combined ticket (good for other types of transport). Each station has automatic ticket vending machines and for fewer than 2 Euros you can travel the rail lines with limited station changes per credit amount. The tickets that you purchase are re-useable, so hold on to your tickets for additional credits!

If you’re not just wondering around aimlessly and you want to get to a specific area of Lisbon quickly, the Lisbon Metro is a great choice. And, as a traveler, you can appreciate some fantastic artwork while considering the history of this great transportation system.

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