The Banks of the Rio Douro in Porto Portugal


Should Portugal Travel be on your list, the banks of the Rio Douro in Porto should be experienced! These banks tell a story from the time Portugal was conceived and its story transitions into its wonderful culture of today.

To begin its story, Portugal lies on the western most part of a peninsula, the Iberian Peninsula. In early times as far back as the 6th century BC, the people inhabiting this peninsula were known as the Iberian people.

Cale was the name of an ancient settlement prior to 200 BC along the Douro River and among the beautiful Douro valley that exists today. It would later become Portus Cale (port of Cale) by the Romans. From the name Portus Cale, the region of Portucale was born and from this region the country and name Portugal originated around the 12th century.

During early times, the Rio Douro was used to transport the great Porto wine of the Douro valley by the Rabelo Boat. Today, when you travel the banks of the Rio Douro, the famous and uniquely designed river boats are still active on this great river.

When you travel Portugal, you soon realize that fish is an important part of the Portugal Culture. More, a trip along the Rio Douro will deepen this cultural awareness. The banks of the Rio Douro would show that fishing is a passion amongst the people of this great place.

The great banks of this river also tell a story of magnificent structures built by the Portuguese people. One of the many great structures built to please is the Luis 1st Bridge. It is a breathtaking site in both the daytime and evening. Like many great structure of Portugal, lighting is positioned to show its highlights throughout the night. That said, night-time can be a great time for sight-seeing.

To add, the great banks of the Rio Douro are a great entry point to the old city of Porto, an easy way to explore up the mouth of the Douro valley or outwards towards the delta. From the delta, there are great beaches, golfing and surfing to experience.

If you have the opportunity to go travel Portugal, Porto is very pleasing. More, if you get to the great banks of the Rio Douro, while enjoying a simple walk, a wine cellar tour, a cafe or restaurant along the Douro, try to imagine a bit of history while experiencing the present culture.

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