The Culture of Lisbon’s Castle of Saint George


Today, at the highest hill around Portugal’s great city of Lisbon, the Saint George Castle (Castilo de Sao Jorge) firmly stands from its earliest known time of the 6th century offering panoramic views of Lisbon, the Tagus River and the Atlantic Ocean, along with legends, history and a unique culture.

A legend of a Saint: The name of the castle is given by name of a legendary roman soldier and priest whom was known for his courageous deeds of saving a princess from a dragon and standing up against others by his faith!

While the castle gives impressive views along its historic walls and view points, an amazing view can be admired from inside a room in the castle, The Tower of Ulyses! This room has a periscope built by Leonardo da Vinci from the 16th century that captures a complete view of the city and reflects its image onto a area that you can look upon in real time!

Reflecting on historic time, another room called the Center of Lisiponia has been built as a multi-media center and contains very interesting details on the history of Lisbon!

While the features of this castle and its views are very impressive, the culture of the Lisbon people gives this castle a lasting impression! Gathered at it center yard within the walls of Saint George, Fado musicians gather to transpires the music of destiny around you as you explore legends, views and history!

Travel Tip: Use Lisbon’s tram or trolley car to travel to the castle

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