The Lusitano Horse of Portugal


If you are traveling in Portugal, you may likely come across a Lusitano horse! The Lusitano horse is a type of horse with a long history in Portugal and throughout the Iberian Peninsula and its name arrived from an ancient province called Lusitania that existed in modern day Portugal.

This Portuguese Horse is often seen in grey, bay or chestnut colors and holds a reputation for good temperament, and high willingness to work with its rider. This has lead to the Lusitano horse being a top dressage horse (training horse) and competitor! With its willingness of controlled walks, trots and gymnastic like moves, this Lusitano of Portugal has been well suited for competitions, driving exercises and for the pleasures of riding into stunning and uninhabitable landscapes throughout the lands of Portugal!

In Portugal, travelers can enjoy dressage classes and incredible riding experiences that arise to historic and scenic parts of Portugal with the Lusitano!
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