Europe Travel

Europe Travel

Planning on traveling in Europe? European countries are compact and offer an exciting variety of traveling experience!

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Visa and Passport Requirements

A passport is an official government document identifying who you are and where you are from; whereas, a visa is a government document that authorizes you to enter a country outside of your residence country prior to arrival.

A visa should not be confused with a passport stamp. A passport stamp is a form of authorized admittance to a country for a specific time period. For countries of Europe like Portugal, and Spain this stamp is granted upon arrival and departing the country.

For those traveling Europe, there may or may not be visa requirements depending on your place of residence, purpose and time period of visit.

If you are planning on visiting several European countries within the Schengen zone, consider the Schengen visa.

Schengen Space is a borderless club through Europe including Portugal, Spain, France, Italy and more European union countries. With a Schengen visa, once you enter one country within the Schengen zone, you may move freely within the others.

Although a visa may not be required, you will in most cases need to present a passport with an expiring date not exceeding 3-6 months pending your home country.  

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