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Where is Portugal? Portugal is Europe's Southern western most country bordering Spain and the Atlantic Ocean. It has 2 major island clusters known as the Madeira and Azore Islands. Learn about places on the maps!

Did you know that Madeira Island has one of the most stable climates in the world while the Azores are amongst the tallest mountains from the sea floor and the Algarve region's temperatures are influences by the Mediterranean Basin?

Portugal Map: global view 



The mainland of Portugal is made up of 5 main areas. From North to South these places are: Norte, Centro, Lisboa, Alentejo and the Algarve. Lisbon is the largest city while Porto is where Portugal originated in the 12th century. Other popular cities and villages include Sintra, Portimao, Lagos, Braga, and Faro! See Portugal travel attractions

Portugal Mainland Map


Portugal Mainland Map


This Portugal map shows the Gibraltar straight East of Portugal connecting the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea offering the Algarve warm and sunny weather for much of the year along with calm waters and great beaches.

Portugal's South Map


The West coast of Portugal's Algarve offers relaxing travel through small villages with access to the strong waters of the Atlantic on amazing scenic plateaus. 

South West Map



Evora features: Portuguese Stonehenge and the Silver Water Aqueduct!

Portugal Map: Alentejo area


Lisbon is Portugal's major metro city and is entrance to attractions such as the Silver Coast heading north. 

Portugal Map: Lisboe area


Portugal travelers have an option of taking the toll highways, such as the A1 to travel quickly from Porto to Lisbon or Faro, or take side routes and enjoy the scenery.


Guarda is Portugal's highest town along side an incredible park with great hiking.

Portugal Map: Centro area



The Silver Coast extends to Porto. This map shows that Porto has many villages and town in surrounding. In addition to great attractions in Porto, travelers can explore the famous Douro Valley, the spa town or scenic coast. Pictures of Portugal     

Portugal Maps: Norte area

Island Maps of Portugal 

Madeira has a cluster of Islands about 300 km off the coast of Africa. Offering constant warm weather, Madeira was originally a port o call for ships in the discovery age and is still rich in resources.  


Map of Madeira

Map of Portugal's Azores Islands


Maps of Portugal: remaining maps are Azores Island clusters!

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