Villas and Pousadas

Luxury Holiday Accommodations in Portugal


Portugal Villas originated as Roman country houses built for the upper class. The term villa remains in Portugal and exists as private homes available as vacation accommodations. Many people prefer Villas as holiday accommodation in Portugal.

In Portugal, you will find some of the oldest villas in Portugal's North region, and then, throughout Portugal's mainland and islands, villas are discovered in a range of settings from beautiful country sides to the magnificent views of Portugal’s coastline beaches. Dreamt about beach hotels in Portugal? Then don’t wait. Come in and rent a Villa. All Portugal tour information is available in Portugal travel guide by


The chain of luxury, traditional or historic hotels in Portugal that are not the average hotels is called Pousadas de Portugal. In the early 1940’s by Government Minister António Ferro the Pousadas were envisioned. Also a poet and playwright who had the idea of creating hotels that were rustic and genuinely Portuguese Antonio Ferro designed the hotel. His first Pousada was built in Elvas, in the Alentejo, which would be the first of what Ferro called “small hotels that look nothing like hotels".

Pousadas in Portugal can be located in preserved or modified monuments such as convents, monasteries, castles, fortresses and palaces. In range of exciting settings, the pousadas can be in the form of “Charm Pousadas” located in areas of romance or “Nature Pousadas” in natural countrysides as well as other interesting settings. Pousadas are the right choice of for those posh gentlemen looking for luxury hotels in Portugal. Learn more on Portugal Pousadas

Portugal Resorts

Portugal timeshares are offered within some of the country's most luxurious resorts. This spacious suite in Portugal Resorts are perfect for the travelers who are in search of a villa type accommodation, but also wants the security and amenities of a 5 star resort. The term "timeshare" means exactly how it sounds, to share time. Resorts such as Portugal's largest timeshare group the Pestana, allow visitors to purchase a set week and sometimes a set unit to use for an allotted time each year. If the owner can't go during their allotted time they have the option of renting it out privately to other travelers. This allows budget travelers to find fantastic accommodations for low prices as many owners price to rent quickly. So luxury hotels in Portugal or a Portugal resorts are not just for the people with millions to play but in the reach of a budget traveller. A complete Portugal Travel guide for any kind of vacations to Portugal is available in

Though timeshare accommodations have only been offered in Portugal for around 40 years, they have quickly become some of the most popular places to stay, as the resorts which offer them are located near most of the country's greatest attractions. Attractions such as the Praia da Oura in Abufeira and the museums of the center of Funchal in Madeira can both be found close to popular timeshare resorts. Many timeshares include kitchens, large living rooms and balconies overlooking the beautiful beaches of Portugal. Holidays in Portugal can be made splendid with an awesome timeshare Portugal resort and a good Portugal travel service to cruise about. For more on Portugal timeshares...